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Forecast and Evaluation of Everton FC’s People’s Project | Everton Football Club | Liverpool, United Kingdom

Forecast and Evaluation of Everton FC’s People’s Project | Everton Football Club | Liverpool, United Kingdom
Client Everton Football Club
Service Evaluating and Forecasting Societal Value
Sector Development and Regeneration
Dates 2016-2033

Everton FC asked RealWorth to identify, quantify and communicate the societal value associated with two of the three elements of it’s stadium move from Goodison Park to Bramley-Moore Dock, commonly known as The People’s Project. The societal value created by the People’s Project was analysed using SuROI for:

  • the Club’s award-winning community development charity Everton in the Community (EitC)
  • the effect that the regeneration initiative for the area previously occupied by the old stadium (the Goodison Park Legacy Project or GLP) is likely to have on that community in the future

For EitC a three-year evaluation of the charities’ activities from 2016-2018 was used to summarise the societal value generated by their community work. This evaluation was based on interviews with project delivery teams for different projects within the EitC program as well as supporting documents and data provided by EitC staff. This evaluation was then used to predict the future societal value generated by EitC using a pro rata of current to future funding. You can find an overview of the societal value calculated for EitC here. 

The GLP forecast was based on a separate Theory of Change Workshop, as well as schedules of accommodation, feedback from public consultation and internal discussions with the Everton Regeneration Team.

A socio-economic review was used to underpin the forecast and evaluation, due to the high deprivation of the area.

The final report included:

  • Individual summations of the findings for both areas of the project, including total societal value and a SuROI figure as well as breakdowns of the total by different areas, such as Feature, Activity and Stakeholder Group
  • A combined summary of the total value of the People’s Project and the total additional value of the people’s project, relative to no stadium move. The report also provided a depiction of how the societal value will change and accumulate over a ten-year period from the point where the stadium is built and in use.

This report was used by EFC in its stage 3 public consultation period to show publicly the potential for positive societal value in relation to the stadium move.

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