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Happiness, Wellbeing, Life Satisfaction, Social Value… Call it What You Want – But could we be missing the point?

Defining Wellbeing is an ever-present challenge in the social impact community. There are a lot of frameworks, guidance, definitions and ideas out there. But do they get to the heart of what's really important?

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Housing Reform: Building Healthy Homes That Create Social Value Is the Key to a Successful Policy

Far from simply echoing the quality of the project, social value studies highlight the good and pinpoint the harmful. They can also highlight the under-invested opportunities to improve housing schemes for the public benefit.

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Is the 20-Minute Neighbourhood a Pro-Social Concept?

The next SVUK Thought Leadership Group for the Built Environment is taking place on the 5th of July 2023, discussing the topic "Is the 20-minute Neighbourhood a Pro-Social Concept?"

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RealWorth’s 2022/23 Impact Report

After our first 12 months of being a certified B Corp, RealWorth team is happy to share its first public annual impact report.

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Have We Forgotten What Parks are for?

Public parks are much prized community assets that have immeasurable positive impact on communities and neighbourhoods. So knowing this, why are they so chronically underfunded? Have we forgotten the true purpose, and the true value of public spaces?

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RealWorth’s Client Satisfaction in 2022

With thanks to all our clients in 2023 for their honest thoughts and insights.

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The Hidden Social Value of Energy

Rising energy costs and poor insulation have left many worrying about how much heating they can afford. Developers should understand how energy efficiency measures can create both positive and negative social value for residents.

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Democratising Social Value: The Social Value Case for Participatory Budgeting

The London Borough of Brent recently announced a participatory budget of £2.25m to be used by local community groups. What can participatory budgeting projects teach us about creating social value in the built environment?

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The Significance of People in the Creation of Social Value

This year the SVUK Thought Leadership Group on the Social Value of the Design and Use of Buildings and Places is running 3 sessions under the theme "The Significance of People in the Creation of Social Value".

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RealWorth Achieves B Corporation Certification

RealWorth is a certified B Corp!

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Our 2021 Customer Satisfaction Report

Read RealWorth's 2021 Client Satisfaction Brochure. With thanks to all our clients for their supportive and honest feedback.

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We Helped the RICS Deliver Its First Responsible Business Framework

RealWorth are pleased to share the RICS Responsible Business Framework for Real Estate Management. RealWorth Director Phil Higham has been working with the RICS as lead author.

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