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Posted on 19th Sep 2019

Maximising social value during construction phase of real estate development

The most recent Thought Leadership Group was hosted in London in June of this year, and was titled:

“Beyond Apprenticeships and Abseiling” – Maximising Social Value During the Construction Phase of Real Estate Development.

The session was attended by professionals from across the construction sector as well as practitioners from the built environment and social value arenas. The aim of the discussion was to maximise social value creation during the construction phase through thinking outside the box and catering to vulnerable people and local communities alike, in efforts to maximise positive impacts. Guest speakers were Caron Dunlop from Multiplex and Rob Wolfe from CH-Y Consulting, presenting case studies of how they encourage maximisation of social value.

Key takeaways from the discussion were:

  • Choose to support local projects that benefit vulnerable and hard-to-reach people
  • Use local partners for delivery
  • Collect information from people about the change they experience.

Click here to view the slides from the session.


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