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Our Approach

What Does RealWorth Do?

We provide the answer to a very simple question; what is the value and benefit of social and environmental change?

How is it Possible to Calculate the Value of Social and Environmental Change?

Using our unique, credible and well-evidenced approach to place a monetary value on social and environmental change, we help our clients create better and more sustainable outcomes for their organisations and wider society.

While conventional methods of valuation used by built environment professionals mainly focus on the market-based and the physical, SuROI puts a value on the social and environmental changes experienced by the very people who are affected by policies, investments and development decisions. We do this by focussing on a number of key areas including health, crime, skills, employment, wellbeing and ecology.

Change is often best understood though the people who experience it. This is why SuROI is a stakeholder led process.

Our approach combines evidence taken directly from consulting with the people who are materially affected by the change (stakeholders) with publicly available statistics on social and environmental conditions and verifiable studies that describe how change affects different groups and people.

RealWorth uses a range of accepted and robust welfare economic approaches such as Social Return on Investment, Ecosystem Services Analysis, Wellbeing Valuation, social impact elements of Life Cycle Assessment and others to understand sustainable change.

The evidence-based nature of the information used by RealWorth makes it ideal for organisational decision-making, influencing and for supporting propositions, reporting on achievements and requests for funding or permissions.

To ensure that our work is reliable, consistent and auditable, we have adopted the Seven Principles of Social Value as set out by Social Value International.

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