Construction Phase at Middlewood Locks, Salford UK

Middlewood Locks is a residential and office space-led development in Salford on the banks of the Manchester Canal. Phase 1 and 2 of construction are complete, with Phase 3 set to be complete in 2022. The commissioner – Salford City Council – established a series of social value targets and KPIs to be met across all phases of the project.

RealWorth were appointed by BCEGI – the main contractor – to carry out a study into the social value created by community and CSR activities associated with Phase 1 and 2. 

RealWorth used the SROI methodology to calculate the social value created by BCEGI’s Community and CSR activities

Both studies identified the social value created by BCEGI’s community and CSR events and provided recommendations on how BCEGI could further enhance its community and CSR activities. The report also measured performance against the social value targets set by the commissioner.

RealWorth calculated and described the social value created by BCEGI’s Community and CSR activities. It also used an LM3 approach to calculate the Local Economic Benefit to Salford and the Greater Manchester sub-region.

BCEGI used this report to show the positive impact of their CSR activities on the surrounding Salford community and evidence the company’s success in meeting the council’s social value targets.

Crafted in Liverpool by Kaleidoscope