Development Portfolio Review, UK and Ireland

RealWorth analysed and reported on the social value created by U+I’s development portfolio to provide the “social” element of a company-wide ESG review.

The review encompassed projects in London, the South East, Manchester and Dublin, with individual values up to £1.5bn.

The work we carried out used information collected by development teams. This was supplemented by interviews with key personnel and where possible local community groups. The information was analysed and used to create individual reports for each development in the portfolio and an overall report summarising the social value for the entire portfolio. We also provided a series of recommendations highlighting areas of best practice both within U+I and in the wider sector to further enhance the social value potential of the portfolio.

Over a period three months, we analysed and reported on the social impacts of over twenty projects across the UK and Ireland.

Each report set out the features and approaches that generated the most significant impacts and  described the benefits that people and organisations had experienced. The report used this qualitative information to provide a calculation of the social value created expressed in monetary terms and as a ratio of the expenditure on the development.

Crafted in Liverpool by Kaleidoscope