Maximising Social Value in Student Accommodation, UK

Dominvs is a group of companies focused on the hotel, residential and commercial real estate sectors in the UK. They strive to create thoughtfully designed schemes whilst working collaboratively with local communities and their supply chain. Dominvs is now leveraging its expertise to develop Purpose-Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) that redefines the way that these facilities respond to the needs of the students.

Dominvs appointed RealWorth to work on a joint research project to understand what students expect and enjoy about PBSA, and how to optimise social value in this sector

This includes:

  • Undertaking a literature review of all available resources relating to the PBSA
  • Conducting a case study analysis to identify best practices within the sector
  • Advising Dominvs on user surveys and data collection
  • Collating evidence to produce recommendations

RealWorth’s level of knowledge about optimising and measuring social impact of real estate is best in class.

Every single interaction and experience with the RealWorth Team was exceptional.

Wesley AnkrahDirector of Social Value & Community Investment

The findings from this project will be used to inform Dominvs’ thinking and strategy and be a key part in their aim to redefine PBSA by creating best practice guidance within the sector.


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