Mayfield, Manchester UK – Social Value Advisor

Following U+I‘s appointment as a development partner to the £1.5bn scheme in 2016, RealWorth is retained as a social advisor at Mayfield. To date this has included:

  • A baseline assessment which established a series of targets for the creation of lasting social value
  • A series of recommended pro-social and pro-environmental activities intended to optimise social and environmental value
  • A valuation that compared the first three years of activity (2017-2019) to the targets set in 2016
  • An updated five-year forecast (2020-2024) incorporating the updated project phasing
  • A review of social value generated up to the end of 2021

Our studies show that the baseline social value targets set in 2016 have been exceeded

The analysis carried out to date shows that the amount of social value generated has exceeded the 2016 baseline forecasts.

Our involvement continues.

Crafted in Liverpool by Kaleidoscope