Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority’s Behavioural Change Programme, Merseyside UK

RealWorth carried out two Sustainable Return on Investment (SuROI) studies on the impact that the MRWA Behavioural Change Programme had on participants and beneficiaries.

Our studies identified the social value generated within factors including crime, health, environment etc...

The studies covered initiatives that ran between 2016 and 2018 and identified the social value generated within factors including crime, health, environment (including waste and carbon), education and training, employment, wellbeing, and stakeholder financial savings. The work was largely achieved through interviews with community group co-ordinators who were asked to provide details about how both participants’ and beneficiaries’ lives were affected by each initiative. Applicants to the Community Fund were largely charities and third sector bodies working with vulnerable groups including disabled children, women’s groups, and the homeless.

MRWA then asked RealWorth to prepare a Sustainable Value report with recommendations on how to implement an in-house social value monitoring and evaluation process. This advice included the production of a staff handbook based on the SuROI approach.

"I was very pleased with the high-quality service provided by RealWorth taking the Authority through a new area of work for us. They responded to our requirements in an effective and friendly manner and delivered the project on time and to budget. You can't ask more than that."

Stuart DonaldsonWaste Strategy Manager
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