RiseUp, Nationwide UK

RiseUp empowers individuals to improve their prospects and wellbeing. Their work combines psychotherapy and arts-therapy techniques. Most commonly delivered in prisons, the programme can be applied anywhere to help any group of people to shift perspectives and improve lives.

RealWorth worked with RiseUp to establish processes that incorporated Theory of Change and measurement models to support programme delivery and evidence impact. This included a set of participant surveys and a method to analyse and report the results.

Our work helped RiseUp to standardise and simplify the way it collects information from the people who participate in its programmes. We also provided them with a reliable and repeatable method to efficiently measure and report outcomes.

The methodology provided will be tested and refined on a live project before being rolled out across all project delivery.

Like many organisations that work with vulnerable people, we found it difficult to quantify and measure impact. RealWorth understands this complexity. They helped us to build impact optimisation and measurement into our practices. The RealWorth team are knowledgeable, professional and a pleasure to work with. And we hope to join forces again soon.

Stuart CodyBusiness Director
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