The Level Initiative, Pittsburgh USA

LEVEL: Equity Buildings (LEVEL) has been awarded a grant to develop a pilot scheme that illustrates how low-income people can progress to owning their own homes. The pilot (located in McKees Rocks, Pittsburgh) will show how housing located in under-invested parts of urban areas can be rehabilitated and sold to low-income occupants for both their benefit and the benefit of the surrounding community. The dual driving forces behind the LEVEL programme are the improvement of people’s lives and the potential to bring impoverished and under-invested neighbourhoods back into productive health.

To measure the success of the programme, RealWorth has been employed to measure and report the social value that the Programme creates for homeowners and neighbourhoods. To achieve this, RealWorth has been tasked with the following:

  • Producing a LEVEL Social Value Framework – This document will map out the approach and methods that should be used to understand the social value that has stemmed from the McKees Rocks initiative and every subsequent project under the LEVEL programme
  • Carrying out an illustrative predictive assessment of the social value that the McKees Rock project will create for new homeowners and the surrounding community

RealWorth's social impact work will be used to communicate the effectiveness of the scheme to LEVEL's grant funders, the Hillman Foundation, as well as wider audiences.

Since this is a pilot project, the outputs of RealWorth’s findings will also be used in securing future funding to roll out the scheme to more potential homeowners.

Crafted in Liverpool by Kaleidoscope