The Lexington, Liverpool UK

The Lexington is a 34 storey building with 325 apartments focused on the private rented sector, providing high quality living facilities and amenities to residents. BCEGI, the main contractor on the development, asked RealWorth to help them measure and evidence the social value of their community and CSR activities relating to the project, similar to the work we have done to assist them on Middlewood Locks, Salford.

RealWorth helped BCEGI by recording and evidencing their activities across three themes; schools and education, community events, and training and apprenticeships. For each theme RealWorth detailed the number of events/placements, the number of hours committed, donations given and the associated social value of these activities.

RealWorth used its Social Return on Investment (SROI) methodology to calculate in qualitative and quantitative terms the social value created by BCEGI’s Community and CSR activities.

It also adopted an LM3 approach to calculate the Local Economic Benefit to Liverpool and the Merseyside sub-region. The report included recommendations to BCEGI on how to enhance its community and CSR management and measurement programme on future projects to increase the amount of social value created.

BCEGI used this work to evidence to the procuring authority as well as a wider audience that they create additional value on projects.

Crafted in Liverpool by Kaleidoscope