The Malings, Newcastle Upon Tyne UK

The Malings is a residential development by Igloo Regeneration, on the banks of the River Ouseburn in Newcastle Upon Tyne. The multi-award-winning project contains 76 homes and uses irregularity in its design to respond to the unique requirements of the site on which it’s built. Due to the care and character took in the design of the development, it has kickstarted some regeneration in the Ouseburn Valley, with creative businesses moving in and additional new homes being planned nearby.

In 2019 Igloo Regeneration asked RealWorth to carry out an illustrative study into the social value generated by aspects of the Malings development. Illustrative studies are light-touch assessments that are used by RealWorth to describe in general high-level terms the social impact of an intervention or project.

To undertake this illustrative study RealWorth:

  • reviewed all available sources of information relating to people’s experiences of the Malings
  • conducted a Social Return on Investment (SROI) calculation to quantitatively determine and measure the outcomes that benefit residents of the development
  • undertook a qualitative review of some of the wider benefits and outcomes that would be expected of the scheme

The report was used by Igloo to evidence the ways that the Malings has positive impacts for residents as an exemplar for future developments. 

Crafted in Liverpool by Kaleidoscope