The Moss Rose Estate Masterplan, Macclesfield UK

Peaks and Plains Housing Association commissioned PRP architects to create a new Masterplan for the Moss Rose Estate in Macclesfield. Temple Group asked RealWorth to assist with the social and environmental impact report that accompanied the Masterplan. 

We reviewed the performance of pro-social and pro-environmental features experienced in similar contexts to consider available options...

The report by RealWorth sought to consider the options available to designers by reviewing the performance of pro-social and pro-environmental features experienced by stakeholders in similar contexts. The intention was to provide evidence  about the way  that designers and place-makers in similar circumstances  to Moss Rose  have been able to  generate  societal value for their stakeholders. Case studies such as Garfield Park Conservatory (Chicago), Limelight Community Hub (Old Trafford) and Hazelwood Green (Pittsburgh) were used to consider the full potential of the social value of Moss Rose Estate. The report concentrated on three key parts of the estate; South Park community space, a community hub and the interface between the existing estate, and a planned new higher income residential area.

The next phase of this project will entail aoptions evaluation, interaction of stakeholder groups and a Sustainable Return on Investment (SuROI) report to accompany the final Masterplan design.

Crafted in Liverpool by Kaleidoscope