The Verdean, London UK

In 2020 RealWorth were appointed by Mount Anvil and Catalyst Housing to explore and understand how we can support their activities on a development called The Verdean. The methodology for this project comprised of:

  • Identifying the areas of greatest opportunity for societal value creation
  • Collaborating with the development and engagements teams to devise a reliable and repeatable engagement strategy
  • Compile a set of questions that can establish a social value baseline and monitor impacts
  • Work with the design team to enhance and optimise social value creation within the design of the development
  • Support Mount Anvil to measure and communicate the social impact of the enhanced scheme

This project is ongoing and as such the last stage is due to be completed in 2021, alongside the next stage of stakeholder engagement that will establish stakeholders’ opinions of the social value of the scheme.

RealWorth's contributions have changed both the design and provision of the enhanced scheme to incorporate more pro-social ideas for local communities.

The key outputs to date have been:

  • An engagement activity diary
  • A sentiment survey, that establishes baseline views of the area
  • A statement of societal opportunity that combines the socio-economic conditions of the area; the existing social infrastructure provision; the exisiting provision of voluntary, community and social enterprises; and the objectives of the local authority to determine the key areas of of societal opportunity
  • Design enhancement recommendations to maximise societal value generation

Clearly RealWorth get people and see it from that prospective – a positive addition to the team!

Bradley GodingDevelopment Manager
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