Transport for London’s Optimisation Briefs, London UK

In December 2019 RealWorth were asked to help Transport for London (TfL) to develop a Community Assets and Amenities Optimisation Brief. This Brief provides guidance and resources to prospective developers to produce site-specific guidance and advice and to conform to TfL’s expected and desired standards.

The Optimisation Brief (OB) contains a number of tools and graphics that make it easy for developers to understand how societal value relates to development sites, and how the specific elements (or factors) that affect people’s lives can be associated with each feature of a project.

The below graphic is an example tool that outlines the 12 requirements of creating places that benefit those who use it.

This OB was piloted on Morden Town Centre, for which RealWorth identified the existing social infrastructure, and conducted a socio-economic review to fully understand the societal needs and opportunities of the area. The report described both strengths and weaknesses for generating social value before a subsequent setting out ways in which the area might be improved. The potential of Morden is described in terms of cost and benefits, and how the social value factors help to direct developers towards potential areas where improvements could be made. Finally, the report used the information from the socio-economic review to show where the priority areas for investment lie, within and around the regeneration zone.



Crafted in Liverpool by Kaleidoscope