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Posted on 6th Apr 2017

RealWorth value benefits of waste prevention and recycling

We are delighted to have begun work with Mersey Recycling and Waste Authority to help them measure and improve the social and environmental value created by their Behavioural Change Programme.

RealWorth are undertaking a pilot project to:

  • Evaluate the sustainable value of the Authority’s 2016-17 Programme;
  • Inform the social, economic and environmental impacts and outcomes of the 2017-18 programme;
  • Identify an approach to help MRWA to use Sustainable Return on Investment to improve their impacts and outcomes.
  • Recommend an approach for stakeholder engagement and data collection methods.

The work which started in April 2017 and is set for completion in the Summer will involve consultation with programme coordinators, residents and other stakeholders affected by the various initiatives within the Programme.

Crafted in Liverpool by Kaleidoscope