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Posted on 13th Jun 2023

RealWorth’s 2022/23 Impact Report

After our first 12 months of being a certified B Corp, RealWorth team is happy to share its first public annual impact report.

Here’s what RealWorth Director Phil Higham had to say about the B Corp journey so far, and RealWorth’s ever-growing ambitions to deliver better social and environmental impact:

“We embarked on our B Corp journey in 2020 to help us improve our understanding of how our business was performing against its purpose and to explore how we could optimise our impacts over time.

This report is prepared at the end of our first year as a certified B Corp. We have already come a long way in our thinking and in our actions, but there is still much more we can do.

We can now see much more clearly the steps that we can take to further improve the positive impacts that we can have on people, place and the planet.

The B Corp annual reporting requirements and the three-year recertification process are providing us with a clear focus and methodology to become a better, more impactful business.”

Phil Higham, Director

Read the Report Here



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