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Posted on 14th Dec 2021

We Helped the RICS Deliver Its First Responsible Business Framework

As an RICS Fellow, RealWorth Director Phil Higham has had a long-standing mission to get his institute to think, talk and promote more widely the huge social value opportunities and benefits that Real Estate can offer.

Phil was invited to be the lead author of the RICS' Responsible Business Framework for Real Estate Management, which was published in Early December 2021.

The new RICS Responsible Business Framework will help property and facilities managers to operate in a way that delivers lasting positive economic, social and environmental impacts for all stakeholders, including suppliers, employees, owners, occupiers, visitors and local communities.

The creation of this framework was a collaborative effort between many brilliant and passionate contributors, with expertise across a wide range of subject matters. RealWorth acted as lead author for the entire document as well as writing the social value and wellbeing chapters.

We are encouraged to see the RICS raising awareness of how real estate can positively impact society. This will broaden conversations and thinking that have for so long been dominated by purely economic and financial motivations

Access the framework here.


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