What We Would Like To See From A Labour Government

Social value is best created when communities are empowered, objectives and ambitions are aligned, solutions are optimised, and outcomes are thoughtfully targeted and measured. What can the incoming Labour government do to ensure social value is delivered in the built environment?

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Fuel Poverty Report

To conduct its social value analysis, RealWorth teamed up with the charity Big Help Project to survey people with experience of fuel poverty and establish the social value of escaping fuel poverty. In the report, the authors discuss how fuel poverty impacts lives and what measures the built environment sector can put in place to reduce the likelihood of fuel poverty.

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From Hay Fever to Hunger

Issues like food poverty and the worst effects of climate change disproportionately affect low-income neighbourhoods. Town planners have the opportunity to tackle the social inequalities created by hayfever through the planting of public orchards

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Could Landlord Licenses Solve the Current Homeownership Crisis?

Following the finding that over a third of households in England and Wales are rented, James McGowan explores potential solutions to the UK's home ownership crisis.

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Have We Forgotten What Parks are for?

Public parks are much prized community assets that have immeasurable positive impact on communities and neighbourhoods. So knowing this, why are they so chronically underfunded? Have we forgotten the true purpose, and the true value of public spaces?

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Democratising Social Value: The Social Value Case for Participatory Budgeting

The London Borough of Brent recently announced a participatory budget of £2.25m to be used by local community groups. What can participatory budgeting projects teach us about creating social value in the built environment?

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Filling in the Blanks: Social Value in The Planning White Paper

Our next SVUK Thought Leadership Group session is on the 22nd October!

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Working with Liverpool City Region on Spatial Development Strategy

RealWorth was appointed in May 2019 to work with the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority to deliver an ongoing social value evaluation of its Spatial Development Strategy.

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Why can’t our planning regime deliver the places people deserve?

There have been many attempts to define the components that together make up places that support people and the environment.

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