Could Landlord Licenses Solve the Current Homeownership Crisis?

Following the finding that over a third of households in England and Wales are rented, James McGowan explores potential solutions to the UK's home ownership crisis.

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Housing Reform: Building Healthy Homes That Create Social Value Is the Key to a Successful Policy

Far from simply echoing the quality of the project, social value studies highlight the good and pinpoint the harmful. They can also highlight the under-invested opportunities to improve housing schemes for the public benefit.

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The Hidden Social Value of Energy

Rising energy costs and poor insulation have left many worrying about how much heating they can afford. Developers should understand how energy efficiency measures can create both positive and negative social value for residents.

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We Helped the RICS Deliver Its First Responsible Business Framework

RealWorth are pleased to share the RICS Responsible Business Framework for Real Estate Management. RealWorth Director Phil Higham has been working with the RICS as lead author.

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TfL Sustainable Development Framework Launched

TfL have launched their Sustainable Development Framework - a comprehensive approach to "delivering social impact, driving economic development, and embodying environmental stewardship in all our projects."

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Hats off to the RICS on social value. But we need to go further.

Social value is a key consideration for the built environment, but it’s still frequently overlooked. Many surveying and valuation practitioners either ignore it completely or adopt a rather narrow interpretation of the Red Book/International Valuation Standards. 

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How property can be used to generate lasting societal value

March 2018 saw us complete our work on a report written in association with International Law Firm Trowers & Hamlins and its Working Group to make the case that the greatest financial return on investment is achieved by creating buildings and places in which people and communities thrive.

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Moving from short-term profit to sustainable investment

How to align the interests of private and public sectors with the aspirations and needs of local citizens, businesses and communities.

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RICS recognises sustainable return on investment

Erik’s work on SuROI won him the RICS Education Trust’s annual Research Fellowship prize in 2014.

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