From Hay Fever to Hunger

Issues like food poverty and the worst effects of climate change disproportionately affect low-income neighbourhoods. Town planners have the opportunity to tackle the social inequalities created by hayfever through the planting of public orchards

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Why Pessimism Is Pointless, and Pernicious

The days are getting longer, the plants are blooming, and the spring cleaning is well underway. But while it’s traditionally a time of year for hope and excitement, many of us are struggling with feelings of defeat and gloom. It’s unsurprising given the current global climate- but not unavoidable. With just a small change of perspective, we can claim back our optimism, effecting positive change in the world around us.

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Happiness, Wellbeing, Life Satisfaction, Social Value… Call it What You Want – But could we be missing the point?

Defining Wellbeing is an ever-present challenge in the social impact community. There are a lot of frameworks, guidance, definitions and ideas out there. But do they get to the heart of what's really important?

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Does Wellbeing Have an Image Problem?

After decades of steadily increasing uptake of the concept of wellbeing, what has it come to mean to communities today? What does it look like? And how can we change the way that we view wellbeing to improve lives at scale?

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Build Back Happier? Yes, But…

For some time those that assess the impacts of new public policy have not considered how wellbeing metrics support a better policy formation. Could this be wellbeing's moment to create change?

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Amazing Response to “Valuing Wellbeing: Are We Doing It Right?

The most recent Thought Leadership Group had an engaging and insightful discussion around a new method of measuring wellbeing, and how it could be applied by social value practitioners in the field.

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