Environmental Justice and Social Value -

Who We Are

RealWorth is a consultancy that represents a unique blend of skills combining academic and commercial expertise to help our clients to create better and more sustainable outcomes for their organisations and wider society.

Our work is currently focussed predominantly in the UK. We are also working in North America and mainland Europe and have ambitions to extend our services to other parts of the world.

Overview of Business Purpose and Philosophy

We have always thought that society fails to value the importance of social and environmental factors when making decisions that affect peoples’ lives. Our business was created to redress this shortfall.

We work with policy makers, developers, investors and planners. Using our unique, credible and well-evidenced Sustainable Return on Investment (SuROI) approach we place a monetary value on social and environmental change.

We work with organisations to put a price on social and environmental change and to help them achieve better, more sustainable outcomes. Our ultimate aim is to help to create a future where everyone’s quality of life is improved because social and environmental impacts are valued in every policy, investment, and development decision

We are a values-led organisation that likes to challenge and improve conventional wisdom on investment and development; stimulate our clients’ thinking to add social and environmental value to their plans; and listen, learn, share, and collaborate.