Who we are

RealWorth is a consultancy that works in the UK, North America and mainland Europe. We represent a unique blend of skills combining academic and commercial expertise to help our clients to create better and more sustainable outcomes for their organisations and wider society.

What We Believe

The more you value social change, the more you can influence it.

We are experts in the ways that the built environment can positively impact people and communities. But that impact is often ignored or misunderstood.

Good intentions are not enough. If you don’t know the true value of the social change you’re generating, then you’re not really taking full responsibility. A general culture of box ticking, and toolkit calculators means a lot of organisations promise change without ever looking to see if it happened or who was affected.

We have a long heritage of shedding light on the unknown. By offering the perfect blend of academic rigour and insider industry experience, we can provide a complete picture of the social value potential of your project or programme and recommend the kind of changes that make a massive difference to everyone affected by it. Our insights help to create buildings and places that don’t just influence lives but improve them.

Our ultimate aim is to help to create a future where everyone’s quality of life is improved because social and environmental impacts are valued in every policy, investment and development decision.

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